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Wednesday (08/30) at 05:30 PM

First GBM

Come out to our first GBM to learn more about our club. Pizza and sodas will be provided from Papa John's. Dress is casual. There will be Executives in black SCS shirts around Benson Hall to guide you to the correct room!

Wednesday (09/06) at 05:30 PM

PwC Presentation

The presentation is on the Global State of Cybersecurity. In addition they will shine a brief spot light on cloud security and the new EU regulation.

Wednesday (09/13) at 12:00 AM

AT&T Presentation & Professional Development Workshop

AT&T will be at the Society for Cyber Security giving a talk about how cyber security is important to their business, the steps they take to ensure consumer and business safety as well as host a professional development workshop with mock interviews and resume tips! A recruiter will also be present for questions.

Wednesday (09/27) at 05:30 PM

KPMG Presentation

KPMG will be presenting on cyber security!

Wednesday (10/11) at 05:30 PM


Join us this week as we discuss the Equifax hack and run through the exploit which costs the company millions!

Wednesday (11/15) at 05:30 PM

General Body Meeting: Hacking Edition

We have pizza, cookies, raffle, t-shirts, and hacking! It will be a jam packed night so make sure to get there on time! Benson Hall room C010. Feel free to bring your friends! Again you do not have to follow along with your own laptop to still enjoy this presentation!!!

Wednesday (01/31) at 05:00 PM

A-LIGN Presentation

A-LIGN will be discussing the Payment Card Industry focusing on:
- Data encryption - Asymmetric vs Symmetric - Data at-rest encryption
- Tokenization
- Point-of-Sale security
- Credit Card details (Magnetic Stripe, EMV, PIN-Block, card-not-present, etc). Essentially how credit cards work behind the scenes.

Wednesday (03/28) at 05:30 PM

Data Privacy

We are going to be talking about Data Privacy and have a discussion about the recent Cambridge Analytica and Facebook Scandal! Please feel free to bring your friends and and learn something cool!